How to Import Bookmarks into Chrome

by admin February 28, 2022

Guide to Import Bookmarks into Chrome on a PC:

If you use Chrome with a Google account, your passwords and program settings are saved inside the record. You can essentially introduce Chrome on the new PC and sign in to your Google record to stack the favored program settings from your old PC. The newly stacked program will incite you to naturally import the settings and bookmarks. This component causes Chrome to have exceptionally low-support necessities; its main proviso is that you should have a Google account.

The three vertical specks open the menu with a rundown of choices. Utilize this menu to open new windows or open an undercover window or to get to and alter your bookmarks, augmentations and program settings. Chrome is practical regardless of whether you have an appended Google account. You can physically load and store the bookmarks without signing into a Google record and still have the speed and advantages of the Chrome program. To keep your work and PCs discrete, you might need to work Chrome thusly.

Import Bookmarks into Chrome on a PC:

  • To import bookmarks from most browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari:
  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • At the top right, click more.
  • Select Bookmarks and then Import Bookmarks and Settings.


import bookmarks to chrome


  • Select the program that contains the bookmarks you’d like to import.
  • Click Import. Now click done.
  • At the top right, click more and then Bookmarks.
  • If you already had bookmarks in Chrome, look for a new folder named ‘Other bookmarks.’
  • To get bookmarks on all your devices
  • Turn sync on in Chrome with the same Google Account on all your devices. By default, your bookmarks will sync on all of them.
  • If you didn’t have any bookmarks in Chrome, the imported bookmarks appear in the bookmarks bar.
  • If you already had bookmarks in Chrome, the imported bookmarks are added to the ‘Other bookmarks’ folder at the end of the bookmarks bar.

Move Chrome bookmarks to another browser:

  • If you decide to use a different browser you can take all your Chrome bookmarks with you.
  • On your computer go to the chrome app.
  • At the top right click more.
  • Select Bookmarks and then Bookmark Manager.
  • At the top of the page click More and then Export Bookmarks.
  • Chrome exports your bookmarks as an HTML file. Use this file to import your bookmarks into another browser.


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Importing Bookmarks into Chrome:

  • Select the Chrome Menu icon and select Bookmarks to Import bookmarks and settings from the pop up menu.
  • Change the from: drop down to Bookmarks HTML File and then click on Choose File.
  • Navigate to your saved bookmarks or Favorites html file and then click on Open.
  • Now click on done
  • Microsoft is discontinuing Internet Explorer in favor of a new browser with the next version of their OS due to security concerns. Internet Explorer should be used only to access Business Plus within the district.
  • Browsing history: This choice imports the other program’s record of the multitude of destinations you visited in that program.
  • Top picks/bookmarks: This choice imports those most loved sites that you’ve hailed as essential to you.
  • Saved passwords: This imports any client names and passwords that you had the other program save to empower you to sign in rapidly to specific sites.
  • Web search tools: This imports your web search tool inclination, like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Google Chrome Customer Information:

For more information call on 1-800-419-0157.

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